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Why should I purchase from Reforger?
Simply stated, we have great prices and a great reputation. You'll find that the products we sell are often half the price of retail, or at the very least, cheaper than you can find elsewhere.

Why does Reforger only sell a few hundred different products?
We only sell what we think are the best of the best deals. While we could take a "kitchen sink" attitude and further diversify our product line, we believe that by focusing on just a few products at a time, we can give you a much better value.

How is Reforger able to offer such amazing prices?
There are several ways that we bring you great products at great prices. Often, we buy factory direct at wholesale prices. Other times, we buy items from distributors in huge quantities for a bulk discount. Finally, we scour the Internet for the best deals possible - sometimes buying items that are on clearance & overstock, passing the savings on to you, our valued customer.
Tax Policy
Connecticut state residents are subject to sales tax.
We typically ship within one business day of receiving payment.
WE'RE NOT HAPPY UNTIL YOU ARE. It's not by luck that we now hold the eBay world record for consecutive positive feedbacks. Our items all have a 45-day satisfaction guarantee. That means that if it doesn't work perfectly when you get it, you may return the item for a replacement or a refund at your discretion within 45 days of purchase. Of course, if there's nothing wrong with the product but it does not fit your needs, you may return it for a refund as well. We're cool with that.
Any customer service inquiries may be made to sales@reforger.com For those without email access, we have a callback voicemail line at 860-402-1593 that can be used in an emergency.
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